Why Xaintylia?

If you have the same vision, ambition and goal to reach innovative medicine that care and cure our patient join us.

We are one of the most attractive places for hiring because we focus on the following:

  • Personal development:
    • Helps you to release your potential and talent.
    • Build your individual development plan.
  • Career Ladder:
    • Discover talent.
    • Prepare future leaders.
    • Assignments.
    • Job rotation.
  • Core ethics and values:
    • Result driven.
    • Innovation.
    • Quality..
    • Collaboration.
    • Integrity.
    • Courage / speak up policy.
    • Self-discipline.
    • Commitment & Reliability.
    • Loyalty & passion.
    • Customer focus.

HR philosophy

HR strategy is to carefully select quality people, train & empower them, motivate & recognize them. This is done by adopting the most relevant and effective tools in Recruitment excellence & Selection, delivering the proper Training and Development tracks On Job Training as well as for Career Development .
  • Transparency.
  • Carefully select quality people, train & empower them, motivate & recognize them.
  • Annual employee Development Plan based on Performance Evaluation. Either by enrolling employees into regular training sessions or engaging them in company projects or assignments or helping them in getting higher certificates and diplomas.
  • Motivation, encouraging creativity and exceptional ideas by praising, recognizing & celebrating successful trials and solved problems.
  • Encourage speak up culture.
  • Provide winning culture.
  • Aspire to win & team up culture to achieve success.
  • Our appraisal system is about evaluating & challenging your limits and to beat your own expectations. We aim to create an empowering environment for you to be at your best and help you to inspire yourself.
  • Fair and optimum employees' compensation Benefit.
  • Work-life balance: we believe that work-life balance of our employees is the engine for high quality performance.
  • We believe Corporate Social Responsibility one of our values.
  • Summer training program for university student.
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